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Balance Your Life Through Your Chakras

It seems like Magic, but there's Science behind it...

Is Your Energy All Over The Place?

Ever wanted to know how to balance your mind?

This chakra course will help you to understand how your mind & energy are connected

Life is a very complicated matter with all kinds of things vying for our attention. Have you ever wanted to understand how your energy is being affected by your surroundings & gain control of your mind & emotions?

This Chakra Course will help you to do just that. By better understanding your energy centers (chakras) you will better understand how you have control over your environment (more than you realized)!

Stop The Madness!

Understand how your chakras affect your life (& vice versa)

By taking this Chakra Primer Course, you will become a powerhouse of knowledge & understanding that will take more of your power and control back from the external environment and bring it into your own conscious control.

While the course itself won't solve your problems, it will give you the understanding to take matters into your own hands.




  • Welcome To The Chakra Primer Course

What Is Your Energy Body?


  • Understanding The Basics Of Frequencies, Vibrations, Bodies, Pathways, Etc.

Your Chakras & Life


  • How Life Affects Your Chakras (& Vice Versa)

Balancing Your Chakras


  • The Basics Of Chakra Balancing & Clearing



  • Outro

Final Survey

  • Final Course Survey

About Your Instructors

Heather Kim Rodriguez, PhD & David A. Caren, CHt

Heather Kim Rodriguez, PhD & David A. Caren, CHt

Zen Rose Garden

Heather Kim Rodriguez, PhD

Heather is a trained Spiritualist Medium, Clairvoyant, Reiki Master, CranioSacral Therapist, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Channel and Healing Medium. Struck with a vocal disorder after a devastating trauma, she was told by medical experts it was incurable, but instead chose to pursue alternative methods on a quest for a cure. This journey of a lifetime led to the total healing of her voice and opened her abilities as a Healing Medium. Now, a lifetime scholar and expert in the field of Metaphysics, Mediumship, Comparative Religion, Dream Interpretation, Shamanism and Mythology, she is passionate about helping others understand and control their gifts. She is also the author of Goddess Unchained, and is pursuing Doctoral Studies in Natural Healing, Comparative Religion & Transpersonal Psychology.

David A. Caren, CHt

David is a Master Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Reiki Master, CranioSacral Therapist, Life Coach, Clairsentient, Conscious Channel and Healing Medium. As a teen, David experienced a Near-Death Experience which served as a Shamanic Opening, accelerating his gifts as a Medium. As a result of his journey, David is gifted in guiding those who struggle through emotional blocks to find, resolve and release deep levels of fear hidden in the Subconscious. He is currently working on a book on Primal Brain Response in human behavior based on his methods to overcome primitive urges when it is contrary to one’s higher desires. He is also pursuing Doctoral work in Metaphysics and Psychology.

You Will Learn The Answers To

What Are Chakras?

What's An Energy Body?

How Does Energy Go Through My Body?

How Are Vibration & Frequency Science?

How Does Life Affect My Chakras?

What Is Chakra Balancing, Really?


Heather and David are nothing short of miraculous. This is the perfect way to feed my soul, and touch base with all that is important. I appreciate their insight as well as humor. I can feel every shift in my body as they carefully and respectfully guide me towards balance and a restored spirit. The wisdom they share lasts long after the session ends. I am always grateful to these soul doctors :)
Anna Vance Owner @ ANNA VANCE
I have seen a lot of practitioners and David and Heather are the real deal. The way they work in partnership is quite an extraordinary experience. They are also quite funny, which I believe is a sign of enlightenment. I highly recommend them.
Robert Richman Author of the Culture Blueprint | Culture Architect & Creator Of The X-Pill
I have been a client of Heather and David’s for over 5 years. Each experience with them is vital to me at that moment. They are able to dig deep into any blocks and help find the chosen path. Each time I leave their helping hands, I feel alive, charged, and focused!
Holly Caudle-McMullin Life Coach & X-Pill Instrumentor


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