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Have You KNOWN You Have Gifts, But Didn't Know Where To Develop Them?

Meet Heather

She Has Super Seeing!

Meet Heather. When she was very young, she could see the aura and chakras on people. But, because she had never been taught about them in any spiritual training, she simply assumed that everyone could see them as well. That is until she was at the store with her dad when she was 15 and made a remark about an angry man’s dark aura. Her dad, who also saw auras but was from a generation that didn’t talk about it and had never told her about it, took Heather aside and let her know that she had a special gift.

Meet David.

He Has Super Knowing!

Meet David. When he was about 9, he would have conversations with his mother sometimes when she was having a moment, and he knew exactly the right words to say, exactly how to say them, even if he didn't understand the words he was saying. He knew they were coming from somewhere special, and he knew that they were exactly the right words she needed to hear. And without skipping a beat, as she was caught up in tears of transformation, he simply asked to go play knowing she got what she needed.

Are They Weird, Or Normal?

They're people probably very much like you who always thought that everyone could see, feel, hear, sense, or know things.

Don't We All Work The Same Way?

After all, if they could do it, doesn't everyone work the same way?

That's an issue that a lot of people get caught up in, believing that we all work the same way. We find that even in the information that's out there on the subject of chakras, energy, senses, perception, etc.

As human beings we're driven by an inner need & desire to understand ourselves and our surroundings. After all, that's what keeps us safe in the wild, right? And nowadays, knowledge means survival.

But no one wants to sift through so much conflicting information trying to get to the good stuff that makes sense.

Especially nowadays when we have access to such incredible information and technology to bring all the crazy into something that just makes sense.

Heather could always see auras & chakras.
Was Heather all alone in the world?

Over the years, Heather managed to find a few other people who could naturally see auras and chakras as well and asked many questions to learn everything she could about how they worked. She also began to be more outgoing about the fact that she could “see” in an effort to put herself out there to discover someone who could help her understand her gifts deeper.

Is This Just Some Party Trick?

However, once people found out Heather could see the energy, they would ask her to “read” their aura and chakras. This was difficult; as Heather often didn’t have an answer because she honestly did not know what she was seeing aside from a positive or negative feeling.

Does Anyone Know How This Thing Works?

The other problem was that most of the time, other people Heather found that could “see”, had no clue what was going on either or how to really use their gifts.

Where's All The REAL Hidden Knowledge?

That coupled with the facts that Heather could not find a teacher or enough information in one place that could tell her what exactly she was seeing and sensing and what the heck it all meant led to a lot of frustration and confusion.

There's Got To Be More To It, Right?

They both had an intuitive vibe of course, but they knew there had to be more established guidelines for what the colors meant and how the energies moved and related to each other besides just those intuitive vibes.

 Where's The Meat?

Their Story Doesn't End There!

Heather & David have spent their lives dedicated to understanding their own worlds, and how to not only navigate those worlds, but how to master them. That's meant a journey of mastering themselves, and being able to crack the codes of not only the outside worlds, but also the worlds on the inside.

The Quest Driven By A Thirst
That Became A Necessity!

Since Heather was a child, she's always loved learning, and this was no different. She learned as much as she could, which was scattered at best, until years later, after a traumatic divorce (I'm sure some of you can relate to life traumas), Heather lost her voice to a devastating dysphonia condition brought on by shock, grief and trauma. Because of the trauma she was living in for a sustained period of time, her senses opened up in a way that they had never done before and it suddenly became more urgent that she return in a more diligent way to learning about what was going on. Especially because the medical help she was getting was doing absolutely no good for her condition.

Along the way Heather found resources and education that had not been available to her when she first started her journey years earlier. She dove in to crack the code to what she was seeing, sensing and experiencing; determined to heal herself because for the first time it wasn’t just an exploration because she could see pretty colors and spinning wheels of light.

When we have a big enough driving force in life, anything is possible!

No, it was now life or death important to her to understand the energy system to find the keys to heal herself and release the trauma her body was experiencing.

Then The Real Journey Began

After a two year intense dive into healing, Heather regained her voice (a story for another time) and it was clear that she was on a path to help others. She also had come to discover through students she began to teach, that pretty much everyone has the capacity to tap into the chakras and aura in their own way. Determined to find out as much as she could, Heather began doctoral studies in Spiritual and Natural Healing and Theology and spent the next seven years formally learning as David and Heather grew their healing practice and worked to get the right education to pass onto our students.

Learning Used To Be SOOO BORING!

A couple of things Heather noticed along the way that determined how David and her would later craft The Chakras Masterclass the way they did. First, many of the courses they had to take in school were quite honestly tedious and written for an audience from earlier in the 20th century with a heavy required reading dose of spiritualist and theosophist works from the 1800’s. These were periods when students consumed information in a very different way; the information was wordy, heavy and often redundant. Although the information was solid, today’s students live in an entirely different world and consume information in a very different and more fast-paced way.

Does It Have To Be So Hard?

So, although the information is out there, to gather all the pieces beyond the basic seven chakras, and get a blueprint of the energy system, the process can be time consuming. They realized that in order to make the time honored information relevant for today’s student, it needed to be repackaged in an easy to understand way and quite honestly a fun way. So, instead of just repeating the old information in the same old boring way, they made Einstein’s quote about knowing your information well enough to explain to any audience their mantra and decided to make it fun and easy to retain, instead of difficult and tedious.



Take Your Chakra Healing Skills From Basic To BADASS In 4 Hours

We have taken all of our combined years of research and made it fast, fun and relevant to the modern student’s life.

We are excited to be a part of your growing, learning and helping journey as a healer and in your personal development (with a metaphysical twist)!

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